COMSOL Conference Boston Program Committee Formed

Jinlan Huang February 21, 2012
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I can share in the enthusiasm Valerio expressed in his blog about chairing the COMSOL Conference Program Committee. The difference for me is that I am chairing the Boston Conference for the very first year!

We are giving engineers and scientists like you an opportunity to present your work of art. The brand new 2012 Conference webpage is up and running and we are already accepting abstract submissions. 20 Program Committee members have been selected for this year’s big event with the task of reviewing your abstracts. We are happy to have leaders in the user community serving as members of the committee. Their service contributes greatly to the success of our conference.

2012 Program Committee

This year we have the pleasure of having the following members inducted into the Program Committee:
- Derek Bassett, Tokyo Electron America
- Sushil Bharatan, Analog Devices
- Rajeswari Chandrasekaran, Ford Motor Company
- R. Daniel Costley, U.S. Army Engineer Research & Development Center
- Ben Flugstad, BioGeoWave Technologies
- David M. Follansbee, New York State Department of Health
- Fábio Rosas Gutterres, Petrobras R&D Center
- David Hopkins, Army Research Laboratory
- Andrew Kettner, Atomic Energy Canada Limited
- Tanai Marin, Vale Canada Limited
- Tapan Mukerji , Stanford University
- Claudio G. Parazzoli, The Boeing Company
- Andreas Putz, Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation
- Marty Shipley, Avago Technologies U.S.
- Andy Tsai, Harvard Medical School
- Minh Vuong, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.
- Yaroslav Urzhumov, Duke University
- Jeffrey Wilson, NASA Glenn Research Center
- Wahiba Yaici, Natural Resources Canada
- Ozgur Yildirim, Intellectual Ventures

Check back often for more Conference details!


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