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Electrodialysis process (Nernst planck application mode in Comsol 3.3)

Chatchai Boonyarattanamongkhol

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I have some problems with this process. This process is about separation under electric field. For my case, NaCl solution is fed in the the channel applied electrical power then Na+ and Cl- will move through te membrane to the opposite charge. For this process we can separate Na+ or Cl- out of the initial solution.

There are 3 application used in this model; 1.Fluid dynamic (Navier Stoke) solution is fed in y-direction (convection) and diffusion+electromigration in x-direction 2.Electrostatic 3.Nernst Planck. Firstly, I run for the first two application modes it can run and show the good result but when I add the last mode, Nernst Planck that relates about mass electrotransfer (ion move under electric field), the result can't show.

For my question,

1. I suspect that the boundary condition and subdomain setting I used in Nernst-Planck mode is appropiate or not.
the detail is in the attached file.

2. If I would like to model this process in recirculation process, I will define the outlet concentration of the 1st loop as the inlet concentration of 2nd loop << Do I think in the right way? and if it's ok for this solution how can I define for this problem

The mph file is in the attachment.

Thank you everybody for your help

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Hello Chatchai Boonyarattanamongkhol

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