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Plane wave excitation using port

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Good Day All,

Has anyone had experience plane wave excitation (both longitudinal and transverse) at the boundary of an infinite half space (2D or 3D) of a material? Can this be done using ports and if yes, how would I do it? Are there any examples/tutorials that would be helful?

To provide more context, I am specifically interested in the propagation of waves in an elastic material (infinite half space) that interfaces with a fluid domain. I have an incident plane sound pressure wave propagating from the fluid at a given incident angle and impinging upon the fluid-solid interface. Since solids, unlike fluid, can sustain both longitudinal and transverse deformation, the phenomena of mode conversion would occur at the boundary of the solid medium leading to the simultaneous transmission of a longitudinal and transverse plane wave in the solid. I am interested in the study/simulation of those two waves in the solid infinite half space medium.

Of course, one approach is to just set up the problem exactly as describe above. However, this leads to a wave field in the solid that is a mixture of both the longitudinal and transverse response of the solid elastic material of interest. A more insighful approach in my opinion, would be to separately excite each type of plane wave at the boundary of the elastic solid to explore the response, which can be superposed if the material is linear but not in the nonlinear case. My intuition suggests that ports are the way to do this and it should not be too difficult; however, my experience in very limited with port nor have I found the documentation to helpful. I am hoping that the community may have dealt with this and would appreciate an insight or guidance.

Thank you


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