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Simple Electric current simulation (Capacitor)

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Hello Everybody.

I want to model a capacitor inside of near vacuum chamber, two electrode with one side of high voltage and the other side with ground. In between the plate, there are vapor (low conductvitiy~0 S/m) and glass insulator (low conductivity ~0 S/m).

Like capacitor, I have two plate with insulators and gas as shown in below. Q1.jpg

I set electric potential and ground boundary condition on the electrode conductor and the surface of the chamber. In this simple setup, I am simulating the electric potential[V] (V) and the electric norm [ec.normE] (V/mm).


Solution seems reasonable for me, but since I am new to the Comsol, I am not sure my simulation is accurately modeling what I am describing. Before I expand this 2D model to 3D model, I want to know what I am doing is correct. I attached the mph file. I appreciate any help or advice!

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Hello Saesun kim

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