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Heaviside function for heating and cooling phase

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Hi I am simulating laser material removal process. I have used heaviside function to differentiate the two phases (solid and evaporation). My analytic function is flc2hs(T-Tsol,Tevp-Tsol). According to the function, the phase will vary 0 to 1 and its remain as 1 when material temperature reaches or beyond the evaporation point during the heating of the material. I sucessfully simulated the process upto this level.

But, material will start to drop the temperature when it is subjected to cooling. Thus, I can't keep the phase difference when material temperature drops below the solidus temperature. Because, by this time all portion of the material will become 0 phase. So, I want to implement the condition like if material phase reaches 1 during heating, it should remains as 1 throughout the process (while cooling time also). Can anyone please suggest me what would be the possible ways?

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