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Thermo Hydro Mechanical Modeling of Porous media

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Dear Users, I am working on the thermo-hydro-mechanical model of porous media. At the time of solving I am getting the problem under time dependent study. For the time period (i.e., in s) (0, 0.1, 1) is converging promisingly. But that will not be happening during the time period from minutes onwards (i.e., from minutes to hr). I need solve this problem for the 1000 days with 1 day time gap (i.e., from 0, 1, 1000). Please help in this regard. It will be very helpful to me for continuing my research in the COMSOL Multiphysics for the coupling of various physics and their application in the Petroleum industry.

Herewith I am attaching the file that I need to simulate.

Thanking you Regards Dr. Manojkumar Gudala Institute PostDoc Fellow Indian Institute of Technology-Madras.

Dr. Manojkumar Gudala

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Hello Dr. Manoj

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