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Oscillations in streamer modelling at high voltage

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I am trying to model a streamer discharge in 2D (axisymmetric configuration) between two parallel plane electrodes (inter lectrode distance = 1cm) at atmospheric pressure and high voltage (50kV) using Plasma Module. Here anode has voltage of 50 kV and cathode is grounded. A gaussian for electrons is placed initially at the anode (z=1cm). Wall BC is applied at anode (including migrative effects) and zero flux BC at both cathode and far boundary. (M+=>M) at both electrodes and (M-=>e+M) at anode are the surface reactions. However, oscillations start to appear right next to the anode as the streamer propagates from anode towards cathode as seen in the contour plot for electron density (files in attachment).

Can somebody help me with finding the cause for these oscillations?



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