Failed to find consistent initial values

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I am trying to run a simulation of a DC magnetic coil. The simulation runs with no issues as a stationary problem and gives a sensible result. I would like to run the analysis as a transient problem*. I get a message saying:

Failed to find consistent initial values Undefined value found NaN or Inf found when solving linear system Last time step is not converged.

I am using the same initial values as the stationary solution which works. I have checked the documentation and forum posts. There is a suggestion to run a stationary analysis and then initialise the transient analysis with the stationary result. I have set this up and get the exact same error message.

I have tried using a tiny dt. I have tried with an enormous dt. I have tried changing the prescribed initial conditions. Same error

I guess there is a condition or setting I need to apply to get this to work in transient mode but I am at a loss to work out what this could be - I am a fairly new COMSOL user.

Any advice would be welcomed.

  • I understand there is no reason to analyse a DC magnetic field in a transient manner but I wish to couple the analysis with other transient physics problems later and want to test/validate the magnetic fields independently first.

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