Decohesion on Flat-Punch Contact

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I've been trying to run a simulation of a flat-punch contact by using 2D Axisymmetric-Stationary analysis. The simulation is carried out for two bodies; elastic cylinder with flat tip in contact with relatively rigid, smooth, flat surface. Two bodies have isotropic elasticity without any damping.

The simulation is operated in three regimes in the same as adhesion and decohesion of Indenting ball in

Phase 1: There is clearence between two bodies so that there is no contact. Phase 2: Predescribed displacement is imposed on the rigid body to form a full contact. Phase 3: The rigid body is displaced in the opposite direction of Phase 2 to make decohesion.

The decohesion law is described by linear seperation law with the activation criterion is gap and with the following physical values: - Tensile and shear strength: 1e5 Pa, - Energy release rate in both directions: 0.25 J/m^2 - Power law: 0 (Trying to simulate only debonding in Mode I).

Simulation step in Phase 3 is 0.001 while trying to calculate decohesion. The other parameters in the simulation are default ones.

There is an error on calculating when decohesion exists. There is attached two figures, mesh quality and simulated response when the error exists. Is there any way to obtain a full decohesion of a flat-punch contact.

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