Analysis of Forces acting on Superparamagnetic beads in fluid medium in Gradient Magnetic Fields

U. Veeramachaneni[1], and R.L. Carroll[1]

[1]Department of Chemistry, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA
Published in 2009

Superparamagnetic micro beads offer some  attractive applications in biological and biomedical fields. Some of the important applications include manipulation and separation of cells, isolation of specific cells, active drug delivery, magnetic cell separation, separation of proteins, and application of mechanical forces to cells, etc. A COMSOL Multiphysics model is developed in 2D with Magnetostatics, Fluid Dynamics and Moving Mesh Mode for predicting the motion of magnetizable beads in gradient fields, considering the effects of fluidic drag forces on the beads in the micro system. Initial effort has been done in designing a 3D model to analyze the forces acting on the beads in various directions.