Bio-Effluents Tracing in Ventilated Aircraft Cabins

G. Petrone[1], L. Cammarata[1], and G. Cammarata[1]
[1]Department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, University of Catania, Catania, Italy
Published in 2009

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) are issues of very high interest, determining comfortable conditions for occupants and no-contaminated local atmosphere. The aircraft cabins are more confined and have a higher occupant density than other indoor environments such as offices or residential houses. The passengers and the crew share a closed and ventilated cabin, which brings potential risk of infection and inhalation of airborne pollutants. The present study deals with a numerical investigation on bio-effluents transport and diffusion in ventilated aircraft cabins. Several layouts for ventilation system (Mixing Air Distribution, Under Floor Displacement, Personalized Air Distribution) are analyzed in order to strike a balance between air quality degradation and comfort conditions for passengers. Analyses are based on bio-effluent concentrations monitoring inside the cabin.