CFD/Electromagnetics Interactions via Realistic Heat and Mass Transfer to Moist Substrates

G. Ruocco[1], M. V. De Bonis[2]
[1]Engineering College, University of Basilicata, Potenza, Italy
[2]I‚Äčnstitute of Food Science and Production, National Research Council, Bari, I‚Äčtaly
Published in 2014

Localized convection heat and mass transfer can be intensified and optimized by providing exposure to electromagnetic energy. Conjugate heat and mass transfer are configured by solving the momentum, heat and mass transfer simultaneously in both solid (substrate, comprising of a two-phase chemical species) and fluid (auxiliary air) phases. In this way the heat and mass fluxes vary seamlessly through the phases interface, with no need for empirical assumptions at the free surface.

The exposure to microwaves may increase treatment throughput, and improve energy consumption and product quality. These good, positive outcomes should encourage operators to embrace microwave-enhanced jet impingement technology. The support of Dr. P. Caccavale of COMSOL Srl is gratefully acknowledged.