Deformation of Biconcave Red Blood Cell in the Dual-Beam Optical Tweezers

Y. Sheng, and L. Yu
University Laval
Quebec City, QC
Published in 2011

A biconcave-shaped Red Blood Cell was trapped and deformed in a dual-trap optical tweezers.

The two highly focused trapping beams of Gaussian intensity distribution were modeled as background field in the COMSOL Radio Frequency Module. The 3D radiation stress distribution on the cell surface was computed via the Maxwell stress tensor. The 3D deformation of the cell was computed with the COMSOL Structure Mechanics Module using the linear elastic membrane model with nearly incompressible liquid inside the cell.

The RF and Structure Mechanics modules were fully coupled, such that the optical field and the radiation stress re-distribution on the deformed RBC and its consequent deformation were computed in iterations until the final deformation of the cell in an equilibrium state was achieved.