Simulations of Lateral Flow and Vertical Flow Microarray Assays for Point of Care Diagnostics

G. E. Svedberg[1], L. Lama[1], J. Gantelius[1]
[1]Science for Life Laboratory, Stockholm, Sweden
Published in 2014

Paper based lateral flow assays are widely used as point of care devices for disease diagnostics due to their low cost, short run time and ease of use. Binder molecules specific for certain molecular biomarkers of interest are typically deposited as dots or lines on paper strips, whereupon sample can be flowed through the paper strip via capillary forces in order to measure the concentration of the target analytes in the sample. In an alternative setup, sample may be applied in a cross flow fashion using a cartridge holder for the affinity-labelled membrane. We have developed models of both these setup types in order to facilitate the development of novel paper based point of care diagnostic assays.