Study on the Holding Characterestics of a Magnetic Gripper

R. Wadhwa[1], G. Monkman[2], and T. Lien[1]
[1]NTNU Valgrinda, Inst. for produksjons- og kvalitetstek., Trondheim, Norway
[2]FH Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany
Published in 2011

Magnetic grippers are commonly used for workholding in handling and assembly of ferrous metalcasted parts. The workholding force produced by the magnetic gripper is strongly influenced by the texture and form of the workpiece in contact with its surface.

This work explores the optimal design of an electromagnet to handle parts of varying profile radii by increasing the magnetic field gradient at its tip. It is found via experiments that the magnetic field gradients depend strongly on the design of the electromagnet tip. The model consists of an optimized coil and magnet system to target certain gripping points on the part. Results concerning the heating of the coil are presented as well its simulation using COMSOL Multiphysics.