The Use of Finite Element Analysis in the Design of Oil-Water Separators

M. E. Wanas [1], Y. M. Elshazly [1], D. A. ElGayar [1],
[1] Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt
Published in 2016

Oil-water separators play an important role in several industries as well as in waste water treatment. However, no basic principles have been set to guarantee the designed separators would work according to the desired efficiency due to the effect various factors. Both time and money could be saved by simulating the separation process using the COMSOL Multiphysics® software without the need of building a prototype and testing it. This study aims to use the COMSOL® software to simulate the separation process and test its accuracy by comparing the modeling and experimental results. The study also aims to test the effect of different operational and design parameters on the efficiency of the separation process. Different conclusions drawn from this study could be very helpful in the design of the separators.