Virtual Prototyping of a Microwave Fin Line Power Spatial Combiner Amplifier

A. Leggieri[1], F. Di Paolo[1], D. Passi[1]
[1]University of Rome "Tor Vergata" - Department of Electronic Engineering, Rome, Italy
Published in 2013

This paper describes the Virtual Prototyping based on a COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation for a novel Microwave Fin Taper (FT) Spatial Power Combiner (SPC) Amplifier.

The analyzed system is waveguide (WG) based, and uses FT Probes to convert the energy of a rectangular WG EM fundamental mode to a Microstrip Transmission Line TEM mode, in order to be amplified by a Solid State Power Amplifiers.

The power dissipation of the MMIC amplifiers produces a considerable temperature increase, stresses and strains with consequent displacement of the structures, which alter the desired behavior of the device. These multiple effects have been investigated at the same time.

The in-frequency behavior of the electric field and S-parameters has been computed in thermal stress operative conditions.