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Simulation of a four-electrode impedance spectroscopy system and a biological cell in culture medium

Marcel Böttrich, Technische Universität Ilmenau
Last updated: June 20, 2017

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This is a simulator of a four-electrode impedance spectroscopy (IS) system, and consists of models of four microelectrodes, medium, and a biological cell, in an electrically insulated cell culture...

RVE with periodic boundary conditions

Conen, Barink, Gielen
Last updated: May 25, 2017

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Representative Volume Element (RVE) with periodic boundary conditions - 2D plane strain model. - Prescribe average deformation. - Calculate effective/average stress. - Perturbation method to...

Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine

Omar Laldin, Faraday Future, Inc.
Last updated: May 24, 2017

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This model recreates the SM-PMSM published in [1]. The machine is random-wound; therefore slot conductors are represented in a homogenized way. An analytical model and test data for this machine are...


Allan Gomez, Chonbuk National University
Last updated: May 17, 2017

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The total interaction energy of colloids according to the Conventional Classic DLVO, Non-retarded Attractive van der Waals interaction and Repulsive electrostatic interaction energy, for a...

Simulations of Fish Swimming

Michele Curatolo, Luciano Teresi, Roma TRE University.
Last updated: March 6, 2017

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We submit two different COMSOL5.2a models which simulate the swimming of a fish, specifically, the carangiform swimming in a virtual aquarium. The flexural motion of the fish is obtained by using...

Gas electron multiplier

Renato Negrao
Last updated: March 5, 2017

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Gas electron multipliers (GEM) are extensively used in nuclear and particle physics experiments as part of the detection system. The present model showed the basic working principle of a GEM, which...

What is wrong in this superscatterer sctructure?

Kee Ung Bae, KAIST
Last updated: January 24, 2017

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I read a paper about superscatterer blocking structure. [1] [1] Xudong Luo, Tao Yang, Yongwei Gu, Huanyang Chen, Hongru Ma, 'Conceal an entrance by means of superscatterer,' Applied Physics...

Modelling Magma Intrusion in Sills

Nick Petford, University of Northampton
Last updated: December 22, 2016

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We used COMSOL Multi physics (Pipe and Particle Tracing Modules) to simulate the lateral, pressure driven flow of viscous magma in 2 and 3D. The model uses field (digital) images of the magmatic...

Surface plasmon polariton excitation in Kretschmann configuration

Pavel Kliuiev, University of Zurich
Last updated: October 23, 2016

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Excitation of surface plasmon polaritions at the gold-air interface in Kretschmann configuration.

Tutorial models for COMSOL Webinar "Simulating Graphene-Based Photonic and Optoelectronic Devices"

Alexander Kildishev, Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University
Last updated: August 18, 2016

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Basic tutorial models for COMSOL Webinar "Simulating Graphene-Based Photonic and Optoelectronic Devices" by Prof. Alexander Kildishev, Purdue University, USA Validation with a meshless method...