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torsional spring design

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I'm a new user, using COMSOL v4.0 (without the MEMS or any other module), and would like to do a simple torsional spring design to obtain a particular spring constant. We are using the Sandia SUMMiT V process so the thickness of certain layers is constrained. The basic approach is to create a known angular displacement on one end (while fixing the other end) and measuring the reaction force to the displacement. Are there any tutorials that are similar to this that I can follow?
I have played around with COMSOL and am able to calculate the displacements (in cartesian coordinates) for a given load on some edges, but would like to do the "reverse" problem in cylindrical coordinates. I found the "prescribed displacement" function under the structural mechanics functions, and see the inputs for displacements in cartesian coordinates, and "General notation Hu=R". I believe I should use the "General notation" option, but I was not able to find definitions for H, u or R. Any insight or pointers for this "General notation", non-cartesian coordinates, or spring simulations would be appreciated!

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