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Incorporating Thermoelectric and Solid mechanics Physics together

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I have been working with Thermoelectric generator module design in thermoelectric Multiphysics (HeatTransfer+Electric Current). Its working fine alone and gives result.

Next, I tried to tried to added Solid mechanics (Stress analysis) physics in the same project, to analyse the electric output at various stress, but the Error to provide the Cp value in solid1(i.e Solid mechanics domain) appears.

Kindly refer to the image attached , I have selected the following domain

all 3 -> electrode+TE leg+PDMS for Solid machanics physics ;

electrode+TE legs for electric current physics ;

electrode+TE legs for heat tranfer physics ;

Why does above error appear? When in different project the same geomentry with solid mechanics alone without thermoelectric physics, it worksfine.

How can I combine and work with these two physics ?


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