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Constraint: Integral of Current Density

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Hello everyone

I'm trying to solve a 2D simulation where I'm interested in the induced currents in a certain domain.

However, in 2D, due to the asymmetry of the problem, the induced currents in the material are not symmetric, i.e., they do not appear symmetrically on the domain (equal in both its limiting boundaries), although they should.

I can solve this problem using Magnetic FIeld Formulation (MFH) using a Global Constraint and an Integral (Component Coupling) on the domain in question, by putting the following expression on the global constraint:


which implicitly equals the expression to zero. This is the case I'm interested in.

However, when using the Magnetic Fields (MF) interface, the same approach ( now using intop1(mf.Jz) ) does not work, as the Global Constraint is not enforced somehow.

I need to use the MF interface in a subsequent analysis with Moving Mesh (ALE), which does not work with MFH interface, hence the question.

I've tried dividing the domain in two and model it as a single conductor coil in short circuit (V=0), which is conceptually the case, but without success.

Anyone can point me in the right direction?

Thank you

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