How to Input 1000 Simple Supports for a Cantilever Beam

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Hello everyone,

I am quite new to Comsol and trying to learn it using tutorials however I couldn't figure out something in a structural mechanics model and decided to seek your help. I tried to explain my problem in the picture attached. As you can see, I have a beam which is supported at 1000 locations by simple supports and carries a uniform distibuted load. The inputs that I know are the length/thickness and material properties of the beam and the x and y coordinates of the 1000 simple supports. The output that I want to get from my simulations is the normal force applied by the 1000 support points on the deformed beam. My first question is do I model these supports as a fixed constraint or prescribed displacement or something else? And my second question is how can I implement these 1000 support points automatically without having to enter the x and y coordinate of each one by hand? Is there for example a way to import a txt file containing the x/y coordinates of the supports into Comsol?

Thank you very much for your time and help in advance.


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