B-H Curve Checker

Application ID: 71651

The B-H Curve Checker application can be used to check and optimize the B-H curve measured from experiments. The application can generate the curve data in the over-fluxed region where the measurement is difficult. It can also remove the unphysical ripples of the slope of the B-H curve that might cause numerical instability.

The application evaluates the original B-H curve from two aspects. The first is to check if the extrapolation of the curve is reasonable from the physical point of view. The second is to check if the slope of the curve is smooth. The optimization algorithms are mainly based on the simultaneous exponential extrapolation method and the linear interpolation method, respectively.

The application requires the original curve data defined in a text file as the input. Once the curve is imported, the application will check if it requires optimization. By clicking the 'Optimize' button, the user can generate the optimized curve data, which can be exported to a text file.

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