Modeling of Anisotropic Laminated Magnetic Cores Using Homogenization Approaches

H. Neubert[1], J. Ziske[1], R. Disselnkötter[2]
[1]Technische Universität Dresden, Institute of Electromechanical and Electronic Design, Dresden, Germany
[2]ABB Corporate Research Center, Ladenburg, Germany
Published in 2014

3D-modeling of magnetic components with FEM is challenging due to the involved nonlinearities and coupling effects between different physical domains. A specific issue is the consideration of lamination due to the high resulting element count for thin layers. Therefore, several homogenization approaches for laminated cores have been proposed which replace the laminated structure with a single domain of an electrically and magnetically orthotropic material with similar behavior in a certain range of conditions. We implemented two of these approaches and evaluated their accuracy and application range by comparing simulation results to measurements and to models with explicitly modeled lamination. This was done for a wide range of several parameters like frequency, electric sheet dimensions and sheet inclination angle.